10pcs Reusable Face Mask


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10 Face Masks

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1. Reusable Mask

2. Anti-fog headband FFP2 grade round mask

3. Hypoallergenic, high filtration, capacity.

4. Elastic earrings without pressure on the ears.

5. Tight fit to prevent polluted air from entering.

6. The material of the electrostatic filter effectively protects the mask from dust, mist, bacteria, droplets in the air


1. Mount the respirator and check for leaks BEFORE digging up the contaminated area

2. Wear the respirator for the duration of exposure to the contaminants.

3. Use the respirator in accordance with applicable health and safety regulations.

4. Discard the respirator and replace with a new one if * the respirator is removed while it is in a contaminated area * excessive clogging of the respirator causes breathing difficulties or discomfort * the respirator is damaged * (for respirators that protect against vapors – the smell of the vapors present becomes detectable.

5. Leave the contaminated area case of dizziness, irritation or distress.

6. Reusable

7. Keep unused respirators in their closed box and store them in a dry, uncontaminated place between + 2 and + 55 degrees.

8. Material: non woven fabric

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