20Pcs 60W UV Germicidal E27 Led Light Bulb for Disinfection


60W UV Germicidal E27 Led Light Bulb for Disinfection

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1. All-Purpose UVC clean lamp: can use for bedroom, quilt, pillow, bath towel, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, HVAC duct, Garage, factory, office, school, workshop, etc.

2. clean: dirty air is the chief culprit in causing discomfort to the human body, it is very necessary to use this UVC bulb twice a week.

3. Made of high quality LED UVC chips. This LED UVC light bulb has up to 50000 hrs lifespan. No trouble with a short life span!

4. UVC light is an ideal choice for disinfecting. It can eradicate the air and help you to disinfect anything that you want to disinfect! Just like the sunshine in the summer beach!

5. Easy installation. Come with E26 E27 base. You just need to screw in and turn it on!

The Warning when using this bulb:

1. Because the UV-C ray will hurt eyes and skin, so please don`t look at the working bulb.

2. People/pet/plant can`t be exposed to the UVC light, must leave the room when lamp work.

How to use:

1. Goods surface: ( 5 minutes once ). put goods within 4 ft of the light, such as cups, bottles, toothbrushes, shaver, cell phones, keyboards, clothes…

2. Small space: ( 5 minutes once ). ≤ 50 sq.ft. as a shoe cabinet, drawer, toy box, wardrobe.

3. Small room: (15 minutes once ). ≤ 200 sq.ft. such as dog/chicken house, toilet, storage room.

4. Larger room: (15-60 minutes once ). ≤ 400 sq.ft. kitchen, living room, bedroom…

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